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Mahasiswa Perancis di Museum Sri Baduga

Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Two Students in Sri Baduga Museum

We are both French students in the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. We have studied art history and history. One of us is specialized in Islamic art and the other in contemporary architecture. We are here for an internship which last one month.

We have arrived for one week in the Sri Baduga museum, and we have been warmly welcomed by the staff of the museum. Passionate by their  job, they are eager to promote their popular art and traditions. The museum is nicely located in the beautiful city of Bandung. The collections are exposed in two floors. You would find geological stones, some dioramas about the wildlife and the daily life  of the people of west Java, some traditional clothes and tools. There is also a room with precious objects.

Moreover the Sri Baduga museum proposes a lot of activities to discover this rich collection. You can learn to play traditional music instruments with qualified members of the museum. At the end of your great visit, the museum offers some nice places to relax and to discuss with your friends and with the open-minded and kind staff members. Indeed this museum is like a haven of peace thanks to the sweet sound of the fountain which covers the noise of the big city. It enables the visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of the collections.

We feel very lucky to be here. This experience in the Sri Buduga museum is a very good way to enjoy and discover the gorgeous west Java culture. Besides it is the right place to learn very deeply about the history of Indonesia and more specially of Sundanese region.

The staff has been very kind to show us the luxuriant city of Bandung. We have visited a lot of other museums like the geological museum and the Asia Africa museum, where the conference of Bandung took place in 1955. We also have been to the historic heart of Bandung.

As a conclusion, we are so grateful to be here with a very lovely staff. We are  waiting for you at the museum to meet us and to discover the opulent collection of the Sri Baduga museum in Bandung.

Bandung, 26 June 2016 

Camille Grandpierre and ZoƩ Vannier



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